Kanoo and Otto Junker Organise Seminar For The Metal Industry

Experts from both companies shared the latest industry developments at the Casthouse Seminar, which focused on Aluminium Casthouse and Extrusion technology.
Manama, Bahrain, May 5, 2009: Kanoo Commercial Group, the leading engineering solutions provider in the Middle East, announced that they held a successful event titled ‘The Casthouse Seminar’ for their customers at the Sheraton Hotel in Bahrain. The seminar, which was organised jointly with Otto Junker – Kanoo Commercial Group’s vendor partner, focused on Aluminium Casthouse and Extrusion technology. Senior executives from Otto Junker flew in to Bahrain to meet with customers and share their global vision and technologies with them.
Speaking on the event, Mr. Moin Qureshi, Sr.Manager at the Kanoo Commercial Group, said, “Kanoo has been in the forefront of the regional metal industry for a very long time. We have been bringing the latest global technologies to our customers and holding events for them from time to time. We held a Casthouse seminar for our customers in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia where experts from Otto Junker demonstrated the features and benefits of their special Aluminium Casthouse and Extrusion technology and how it could help companies improve their business performance during these challenging times. We were pleased with the number of delegates who attended this event. The seminar was well received by our customers, who have requested that we hold similar such events for them in future.”
Mr. Roger Beard, Director of Otto Junker U.K., said that The Otto Junker Group, Kanoo’s principal, designs, manufactures and sells metallurgical and thermal equipment worldwide. The company deals in melting & heating equipment for high-grade foundry, cast iron, aluminium and for copper-based alloys and other special applications in the metal industry.
Senior executives from Otto Junker flew in from U.K., Germany, Holland and Sweden, specially to meet with Kanoo’s customers and covered topics ranging from casthouse gas fired melting and holding, tilt rotary to induction melting. The seminar also covered topics under Heat treatment such as slab preheating and homogenizing, strip coil and foil annealing, plate solution and aging heat treatment, billet pre-heating for extrusion and billet homogenizing.
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