‘Media exposure via ‘Habbo Hotel’, ‘Second Life’ and the like!’

5 May 2009 – London – Knexus Digital, the essential digital marketing resource, has teamed up with Mary Ellen Gordon, MD at Market Truths (Market Research experts on Virtual Worlds), to provide insights on media exposure via ‘Habbo Hotel’, ‘Second Life’ and the like!

“A knowledge of the media habits of virtual world participants can transform the way marketers target this fast-growing segment. We’re excited to work with Knexus Digital to provide strategic intelligence to digital marketers,” said Mary Ellen.

Ashmi Ahluwalia, Knexus Digital Product Manager said, “Leveraging Virtual Worlds has been a topic of great interest to digital marketers! We’re very pleased to harness these insights, together with our content expert, Mary Ellen Gordon, to deliver quality, actionable ideas and insights for Knexus Digital customers.”

Knexus Digital users can review the insights and talk live online to our content expert on 20th May 2009 (15.00 GMT+1). She’ll discuss:

– How much time do users spend in virtual worlds?
– Does participation in virtual worlds increase or decrease exposure to or expectations of other forms of media
– To what extent is multitasking influencing the way people interact with media
– What can the media habits of current virtual world participants (including children) tell us about how the media landscape may evolve in the future
– The latest brand case studies & leading examples of best practice

First time users of Knexus Digital can sign up for this complimentary live webcast at www.knexusgroup.com/view/893/complimentary/087229

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About Market Truths
Market Truths provides state of the art market research and analysis including special expertise researching within and about virtual worlds. We take a customized approach to every project, applying the specific mix of methodologies and technologies best suited to each client’s unique objectives and circumstances.

For more information about Market Truths, please see www.markettruths.com. Or see: www.markettruths.com/virtual or sl.markettruths.com to learn more about our work in virtual worlds in general or Second Life in particular.

Market Truth Inquiries
Mary Ellen Gordon
Managing Director, Market Truths Limited
t 1800 254 1978 (US), 0808 101 1229 (UK), 0800 365 103 (NZ), +64 (4) 381 2324 (all other countries)
e. m.gordon@markettruths.com

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Sherlyn Lee
Marketing Manager, Knexus Ltd
t. +44 (0) 845 838 5316