Take Advantage of Custom Magnets

Vista Print - Custom magnetsShould businesses invest in printing custom magnets – and how they be used as marketing tools?  VistaPrint, the digital printing company explore the subject of custom magnets.

Are custom magnets really a good idea?

Custom magnets are a great way to advertise your business or tell people about a great event in your life. You can create your own business card magnets, photo frames wedding or birth announcements, calendars personalized with a company name, or a car door magnet. The options are almost endless, since you can turn any photo or document into a magnet. There are several reasons you should be excited about the versatility of custom magnets:

People tend to stick magnets on their fridge. Since a standard postcard or business card is often instantly recycled into the trash, this makes magnets more effective for many types of businesses. 

Proud relatives want to display new baby or wedding photos, but often have trouble finding the time to frame them. These treasured photos often end up stained or torn after a few weeks of sitting on a counter. Photos on magnets take care of the whole problem, since they don’t need to be framed and are able to be hung instantly by just putting them on the fridge.

Car magnets turn a vehicle into a traveling advertisement. Since the magnets can come on and off easily, you can use one car as your business and personal vehicle.

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