World class harbour in middle of the Atlantic

Hafnarfjordur Harbour in the south west of Iceland is a well-equipped and professionally managed port in one of the world’s most strategic shipping locations. Clear of ice all year round, it offers a full range of services from bauxite sucking to cruise ship berthing.

With transatlantic shipping as important as ever and the increasing options in Arctic transport and hydrocarbon exploration, Iceland is an essential waypoint in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with top quality service ports to match.

Hafnarfjordur is a seaside town in the south west of the country with one of Iceland’s biggest ports.

Hafnarfjordur specialises in handling containers, bulk, breakbulk, fish, general cargo, oil and repair facilities.

Hafnarfjordur is also a popular cruise ship destination. It is helped in this respect by being a pretty and interesting town close to the capital Reykjavik, as well as just an ideal sea port.

Cruise liners benefit from Hafnarfjordur’s sheltered and peaceful harbour, with a draught of 8-10 metres for ships up to 300-350 metres in length. Cruise passengers also love the fact that the centre of the town is in easy walking distance from the ship.

The Port of Hafnarfjordur has two different dock facilities four kilometres apart. The Straumsvik site is next to the Icelandic Aluminium Co Ltd (ISAL) smelter and Gasfelagid Liquefied Propane Gas depot. The main berth there is therefore equipped with a suction unit for unloading bauxite.

The Hafnarfjordur docks site has a great variety of facilities, including for dry, cool and refrigerated cargo; oil unloading; 24 hour bunkering and mobile cranes to lift up to 150 tonnes.

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