Knexus Digital unveils ‘Digital Marketing Conversations’

Knexus Digital, the digital marketing resource for the world’s leading brands, has released its first ‘Digital Marketing Conversations’ podcast. Bringing together leading digital marketing experts in conversation, the podcast analyses the very latest digital marketing developments!

The 30 minute, radio-style format features Knexus Digital experts Eliza Dashwood (Ambergreen), Justin Rees (Leadpoint), Katy Howell (Immediate Future) and Graeme Foux (Knexus). The experts talk shop about the latest news, trends and stories to impact digital marketing in 2009-ranging from the recession and digital marketing, the hottest new developments in mobile, monetization for social media networks like Twitter and Facebook and 2009 predictions for the digital world!

Ashmi Ahluwalia, Product Manager commented, ‘Our first ‘Digital Marketing Conversations’ gives digital marketers the insights they need to stay ahead. We’ve covered important market developments and implications for brands, across Universal search, recession and digital marketing, the Smartphone race, monetization, brand strategy and 2009key predictions.

Listen to Digital Marketing Conversations now ( and if you have ideas or comments for the Digital Marketing Conversation next month, leave a comment our blog!

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