Weight loss and more from Iceland marine Biotech co.

Primex is a high tech marine biotech company making a range of top quality products from the fertile waters off Iceland’s pristine east coast.

Primex makes some of the purest chitosan in the world. Don’t know what chitosan is? Well that doesn’t mean you haven’t used it!

Chitosan is a quite amazing product made from the shells of crustaceans. In Primex’s case, the chitosan comes from the shells of Icelandic prawns sustainably caught by experienced Icelandic fishermen. The North Atlantic Coldwater Shrimp is considered one of the most ideal species for the creation of chitosan.

Chitosan has uses in numerous markets like nutritional supplements, wound healing, cosmetics, food production and biomedical.

The chitosan produced by Primex is marketed as ChitoClear – “the Purest Chitosan”. This lofty claim has been repeatedly vindicated in independent lab trials.

Primex also uses some of its own raw chitosan to create LipoSan Ultra®. LipoSan Ultra is a unique and proprietary dietary fibre formulation, proven to significantly reduce body weight in human clinical studies. The product is so effective and fast acting that it can actually be taken at the same time as meals and still have an effect.

Those using regular chitosan as a weight loss supplement have to take the product at least 30 to 60 minutes before eating, and still get inferior results.

The thing that sets LipoSan Ultra apart from regular chitosan as a dietary supplement is nothing more than the addition of succinic acid. By adding one simple GRAS* food additive, the pure natural chitosan becomes an incredibly effective weight control tool.

Although based on the idyllic shores of Iceland’s sparsely populated North Fjords, Primex is a truly international company with global distributors and nearly all of its business conducted abroad.

For further information on Primex Marine Biotechnologies, and its world-leading range of chitosan and chitin products, visit the brand new Primex website, www.primex.is