WAES Tutor Breaks Weightlifting Record

Denise Ramsay-Overall, a fitness tutor at Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES), broke the British Snatch Weightlifting record at the GL Senior Weightlifting Championship held at Crystal Palace on Saturday 27 October 2007.

Denise set the new snatch record, unbroken since 2000, by lifting 86kgs in the 75kgs body weight category.

While working her way towards her ultimate goal, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Denise, a former British and English champion, also promotes fitness through teaching at WAES.

For over seven years Denise, 35, has been working with WAES to empower elderly people with exercise. Her fitness courses promote healthy living, exercise and social interaction allowing elderly people to live independent and longer lives. She teaches Chair Based Aerobics, Fitness for Women with English Support and Summer Power Walk Club at WAES.

Denise’s coaching role first inspired her to start bodybuilding and weightlifting. Her devotion to fitness is evident in her working life as well as her personal life.

Shiralee Wakeham, Course Team Leader for Sport and Fitness at WAES shared her encouragement for Denise, “We all wish Denise the very best in her selection bid for the Beijing Olympics. It looks very likely that she will be selected.”