Click4Carbon is a portal to the internet for the environmentally conscious

They offer various products and services to site visitors all on the basis that a percentage of the revenues they generate are used to fund forestation projects. Their projects are managed by the Plant a Tree Today Foundation, a UK registered charity.

You can currently book hotel breaks, theatre packages, car rental, insurance, carry out price comparisons as well as being able to search the internet. All of these are in partnership with some of the biggest online retailers.

They also actively raise environmental awareness by helping users to measure their own carbon footprint and provide practical advice and resources to help them to reduce their negative impact on the environment. This includes their Carbon Calculator which can offer an indication of your impact on the environment.

Click4Carbon was inspired by social enterprises in the fair trade movement which have shown that environmental change and making a profit are not mutually exclusive and, in fact, when combined can be very powerful. The competition in the commercial sector can have an extremely positive effect in reducing overheads and improving efficiency which ultimately means that there is more profit and more revenue which can be invested in environmental projects.

Click4Carbon publishes a 6-monthly report from its auditors and the PATT Foundation which independently verifies the revenues made by the company and how we have used them to help safeguard our environment.

If you would like to become part of the Click4Carbon community either as an advertiser or friend or if you would like to use Click4Carbon or our Carbon Calculator on your site then we would love to hear from you:

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