warn Brits to check local customs before travel

British holidaymakers heading outside the Euro-zone and taking holidays in Egypt, Morocco and Dubai especially, need to take into account local customs and cultures, warns online travel agency Holidays-Direct. Holidaymakers are opting for mid and long-haul destinations, alterative to the short-haul option due to the expense of taking a holiday in a European country with the Euro currency.

John Pearce of says “We are currently seeing a strong preference from our customers towards the more glamorous destinations such as the Red Sea, Dubai and the Caribbean as opposed to some of the recently favoured European resorts. Many people are who are used to visiting Spain and the Greek islands are now travelling to Egypt and Morocco, where customs differ greatly.”

Jon continues: “Our customer service representatives are telling us that many of the people they speak to are saying that they are visiting countries, continents even, for the first time and asking for our advice.”

Recent publicity about the trial of British tourists in Dubai has made some travellers nervous about misunderstanding the expected standard of behaviour in some countries.

The top advice from is –

1. Consult a good tourist guide to your destination before you set off.

2. Be aware that hotels and resorts may be very western in their approach, but more conservative standards may be expected away from the main tourist hubs. Be prepared to adjust your dress / behaviour accordingly.

3. When visiting a religious site (in any country), take a cover for your shoulders, and don’t wear short skirts or shorts. In Muslim countries women will usually be expected to cover their heads.

Researching the background of the destination for the desired holiday gives the holidaymaker a comprehensive ability of local culture and understanding its people.

The online agency also wants to make sure that travellers are aware of the change to the visa system for the USA. The Electronic System for Travel Authorisation or ESTA replaces the I-94 green form and enables multi-trips to the USA, applications must now be completed at least 72hours before departure to the USA.

Holiday blogs and travel guides give the most up-to-date destination information including real experiences and advice on the local culture. Enquiring about local traditions and beliefs before the holiday is booked will confirm the desire for the holidaymaker to visit a specific destination or discount.

Holidays-Direct supply industry news and detailed destinations guides on their website, This gives an insight into holiday destinations, the culture, and travel industry news for British holidaymakers to view.


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  1. I think the need for tourists to take into account local customs and traditions exists inside the EU just as much. Sure there may be more cultural differences between people from the EU and people outside it but ignorance is ignorance, it doesn’t matter where you hail from.

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