Easy Extra Money Online Goes on Print

EEMO, the popular intermediary between marketing research firms and home based entrepreneurs recently launched its first Ebook. The Ebook is 70 pages and is available for a low price of only $19.99 on EEMO’s website.

The Ebook is a comprehensive guide to anyone interested in making money online from home. The Ebook provides an introduction to the concept of survey taking and trial offers and why companies reach out to individual consumers for their feedbacks. The book then gets into the specifics and provides a list of prescreened and tested top paying firms, valuable tips and recommendations for the most effective and efficient results, a guide to growing a participants’ earnings and essentially establishing an online home business that works on “auto-pilot”.

This book had been much awaited by home based internet entrepreneurs. Much demand had also been evident amongst college students, single moms working from home and individual retired from working their careers who are sitting idle at home. No sales figures have been release as of yet as the book is “too early” in its launch. Concrete data should be available in the next few months to come.

EEMO is contemplating mass distribution of the Ebook through channels like Ebay and Clickbank. However, it is not certain that EEMO will be taking this route. “We are content selling the Ebook on our website right now. The pre launch response has been tremendous. We will continue to monitor the response and feedback we get before mass distributing it” said EEMO’s founder in a recent press release.

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