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EEMO announced today the addition of marketing firm survey sites that reward its survey-takers for registering as interested panelists. Marketing firms usually compensate survey-takers for opinion and preference after having completed a survey. Other companies compensate individuals for trying out products and services offered by Fortune 500 companies and providing their feedback.

However, there is a new breed of marketing firms out there on the internet. In order to attract survey-takers, these firms are offering money upfront just to register with them. Newer companies almost don’t have any other option but to offer compensation up front to attract survey-takers.

“It is such a hot market both for research firms and the individual entrepreneur. In order to attract the serious folks, companies are having to shell out cash up front. It is a risk they are taking as part of doing business” said EEMO’s founder in a recent press release.

EEMO has been screening a few of these companies for quite some time now. They have finally announced 6 research firms that offer compensation upfront for registering. “These are not the only 6 companies out there that are doing this. There are a ton of others and there will be many more cropping up. However, we make sure that each company passes our screening and testing before we introduce it to our “subscribership” base”.

EEMO is a highly regarded and reputable information-based website that provides only the best and top paying marketing and research firms on their website and through their free newsletter service. “Maintaining our reputation and our position in our industry is of primary importance to us. We will continue to monitor the movement in the market and provide only the best companies that we feel are worth the time of our subscribers”.

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