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Part one of Steven Soderbergh’s biopic of revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara is in cinemas now. Che: The Argentine documents Che’s role in the Cuban Revolution, with part two (to be released on 20th February) following his later activities and eventual demise in Bolivia.

Born in Argentina, Che’s legacy is still widely visible across Latin America. Travellers keen on following the ‘Che trail’ can do so in 2009 with the following trips from The Adventure Company.

Viva la Revolución – Salsa Cubana

50 years on from the Cuban Revolution of January 1959, visit the park where Fidel Castro gave his first speech as leader of Cuba; see Castro’s original command post in the mountains; and Che Guevara’s mausoleum and museum in Santa Clara, where items including his iconic beret and leather jacket are on display. This 16-day trip recalls Cuba’s historic past, stopping at the Bay of Pigs and spending time in colonial Havana, with its classic American cars and rhythmic Salsa beats. The Adventure Company’s Salsa Cubana trip travels the length of the island, exploring its changing scenery including its tobacco fields, lush forests and tropical beaches. Travellers will use bank notes featuring Che’s image to buy souvenirs along the route.

The next available departure is 7th – 22nd February 2009, with flight-inclusive prices starting from £1,699 plus £155 local payment per person. Departures later in 2009 start from £1,499 plus £155 local payment per person.

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New for 2009 – Lima to La Paz

Che’s travels in Peru were documented in his famous Motorcycle Diaries. He was greatly impressed by the Inca civilization and also spent time in Lima and in the Peruvian Amazon. Lima to La Paz summons up the essence of Che’s journey by allowing visitors to experience all three, including the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu. Staying in a jungle lodge in the Amazon, there are two days to explore on foot and by canoe to discover the region’s abundant nature. The Adventure Company’s trip also visits Lake Titicaca before crossing into Bolivia, the country where Che was eventually captured and killed.

This 16-day trip in Peru and Bolivia is new for 2009. The first departure runs from 16th – 26th May 2009 and costs from £2,199 plus US$350 local payment per person, including flights.

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Realm of the Maya

Even Central America is not without its claims on the revolutionary. Guevara settled in Guatemala City to “perfect himself and accomplish whatever may be necessary in order to become a true revolutionary”. It was in Guatemala that Ernesto became known as ‘Che’; and in Mexico that he was first introduced to first Raúl and then Fidel Castro.

The Adventure Company’s Realm of the Maya tour travels through Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras over 16 days, with highlights including the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Tikal and Copan; the colonial city of Antigua; Lake Atitlan and the colourful indigenous market at Chichicastenango. The 16-day trip has departures on 31st January – 15th February 2009 or 14th – 29th March 2009 (plus departures later in 2009), costing from £1,799 plus US $300 local payment per person, including flights.

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