SecurStore reduces data backup cost of companies in during Credit Crunch

The online, automated and managed data backup and recovery specialists Securstore announced efforts to help companies save costs on data backup, with the release of a new version of its data backup and recovery service.

Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) tool within SecurStore’s DS-Client version 8.0, this service enables companies to have the option to automatically backup data in various ways depending on the importance of their data. By freeing up storage capacity used online, and moving it to long term storage, the cost of storing the data is also significantly lower.

“Data such as old files on file servers, old e-mails in mailboxes or snapshots of databases is still important to companies, but by using a well defined automatic backup and restore management policy, backup costs can be lowered, whilst still meeting with the utmost security, reliability and flexibility requirements of company policies or compliance regulations. Any current critical data is still permanently stored online for fast recovery.” Explains Alexander Eiriksson, COO of SecurStore.

The BLM tool meta-tags the less critical or older backup data before it is archived offline so that archived backup data can easily be restored to the online medium if necessary. The archived data is stored on disk ensuring that it is free from the risks and errors associated with traditional tape backup.

Other key features of SecurStore’s DS-Client version 8.0 include:
• Support for Windows VISTA Ultimate and Windows VISTA Enterprise edition including Windows VISTA Bare Metal Restore.
• Supports backup and restore of SAP Oracle database servers and VMWare ESX Servers.
• DS-Client can be run in a Grid configuration for load balancing.
• A new encryption key management tool can store and maintain encryption keys for DS-Clients.

SecurStore’s DS-Client is based on Asigra’s award winning Televaulting software.