New specialist products from Teknomek

Teknomek’s latest catalogue sees an extended range of innovative high-quality products tailored to meet the demanding needs within cleanroom and laboratory environments.

New products include a range of cleanroom and laboratory dispensers manufactured from 304 quality stainless steel. These hygienic dispensers are individually designed specifically for the distribution of cleanroom wipes, disposable coveralls or individually packed sterile gloves, all designed for effective use within sanitary working areas.

Teknomek has manufactured a sharps bin for the safe disposal of sharp, possibly contaminated objects, such as syringes.

Trespa worktops are a new feature that can be fitted to Teknomek stainless steel tables and an extended range of workstations, ideal in sterile situations for the hygienic protection of working areas.

Teknomek also offers a variety of non stainless steel products, including specialist matting suitable for cleanrooms, as they are designed to remove foot borne and wheel borne contamination.

To aid the improvement of health and safety issues and increase employee productivity, Teknomek has selected relevant stainless steel seating options, such as the stand up seat, which corrects posture of the user when standing for prolonged periods of time. Various colour options help prevent cross contamination through easy identification between different working zones.

Teknomek’s website has details on these new products with the added benefit of industry specific categories for ease when searching for the relevant products. Online ordering is available and there is the option to sign up to a free eNewsletter which keeps customers up to date with their product developments, monthly specials and promotional items.