How can sales be increased through CRM software? DMC Software Solutions identifies the top 5 CRM tips

In times of economic unrest inevitably businesses, regardless of size, cut back on spending. When this occurs organisations need to utilise the capacity of CRM systems and tools to ensure that all opportunities are handled effectively and none are missed. With technological advancements in CRM systems, the scope to facilitate marketing campaigns and to support the function of sales professionals is endless. Whole processes are enabled from the generation of leads through to the closing of sales and customer retention.
DMC Software’s Top Five CRM Tips can help businesses maximise their sales potential through CRM systems, whilst also improving the number of leads generated.
1. Ensure that data is up to date
It sounds simple but by ensuring the data stored on a CRM system is up to date businesses can target their audiences more effectively. In terms of lead generation this means beginning with a captive audience. For companies looking to generate more revenue from existing databases having clean data means being able to cross sell products more effectively.

2. Maintain regular contact with contacts.
Schedule regular communications with contacts, this enables Business Development Managers to keep up to date with their clients’ changing needs and tend to them more effectively. By scheduling regular contact through the CRM system businesses strengthen their relationships with existing customers and keep future prospects warm.

3. Update notes and histories on the CRM system
Up to date notes can help identify past activities, including problems faced and purchasing behaviour, enabling quicker response to requests. It is then more possible to project a professional image to both potential and existing customers, to further strengthen views of the organisation.

4. Utilise CRM reports
Use the CRM system’s reporting tools to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and forecast sales figures. By building up a clear picture of what lies ahead it is easier to prepare for a drop in sales by planning for additional promotional activities.

5. Regularly evaluate successes and failures
Further utilise the CRM reporting tools to analyse the success and failures of marketing and sales activity. By recording findings, strengths and weaknesses are more easy to identify and it follows then tofeed this information into future strategies ensuring aconsistentimprovement upon past performances.
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