eMuscle Looks to Carve a New Niche in the Interactive Online Community

Over the past five years North America has witnessed a huge boom in online interactive websites. These days it is difficult to find someone who is not apart of, or is at least familiar with, such sites as facebook.com and myspace.com. According to eMuscle founder Thomas Wick, the interactive online communities have, in the past, primarily been used for simple enjoyment and ancillary purposes. It is time an interactive online website came along that helped the individual person improve their lifestyle.

eMuscle (www.emuscle.com) is an online training website, which harnesses the wisdom of the crowd, and pioneers a new way for people to build better bodies. The online community, designed for anyone who is trying to improve their life, allows users to share diets, workouts, thoughts, opinions, videos, pictures and more; creating a unique training experience. By aggregating the knowledge and insights of its members, eMuscle.com can better help individual members, groups or teams reach their goals. This new and improved approach is integrated with innovative tracking tools, videos, and insights from experts that make training easier. It’s great for athletes, trainers and nutritionists because it provides the means to make additional money and a means to additionally self-promote.

Unlike many of the current muscle and bodybuilding sites that are available, eMuscle.com will provide a practical fitness and health website for the practical person . Contrary to what some sites may believe, a petite middle aged women is going to have a hard time relating to a young male bodybuilder. eMuscle.com encourages trainers, athletes, and the average person to express, interact, and learn about health a fitness at their own pace and in their own interest categories. By allowing the average user to interact with others with the same common health and fitness interests , a unique one-of-a-kind social network will be created that anyone can be a part of.

Similar to the way Facebook.com and Myspace.com have revolutionized the way people from domestic and foreign networks can interact, eMuscle.com will provide very similar networks through high schools, colleges, teams, areas, and gyms. A social revolution was started with the development of online social networks, eMuscle.com has simply taken the ideas and successes of such websites and tailored the content to the health and fitness industry.

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