Website delivers weekly pregnancy information via SMS – is dedicated to informing expectant parents about how their precious baby is growing and developing each week during pregnancy, with its AWARD WINNING Pregnancy SMS Package.

Specifically designed so expectant parents can track their baby’s development via a weekly SMS, expectant parents discover, for example, when their baby’s tiny heart first starts to beat, when their baby’s unique fingerprints are created and even when their baby sucks their thumb for the first time.

“We pride ourselves in making it easy for expectant parents and their family and friends, to track baby’s weekly development during pregnancy with an informative SMS, and this is what sets us apart from other pregnancy websites.” said the founder of “I also designed the package to help DADS become more involved with their pregnancy.”

“Research clearly shows”, says Sarah, “ that dads can often feel left out during their pregnancy, but when they receive their weekly SMS, explaining how their baby has grown and developed, it helps them bond and feel closer to their baby. It’s completely fascinating to learn how a baby grows each week during pregnancy.” “It’s also the most important SMS an expectant parent will receive that week. Each SMS makes their day. ”

BeepBeepBaby member, Alice, also told us how fabulous it was to receive her weekly SMS. “It’s just great to catch up with how your baby is growing each week. I loved it so much I also bought the package for my mum in the UK, so she could keep track of her grandchild’s development. It’s such a magical time in your life and this is a great way to remember it and share it, even with loved ones far away.”

The AWARD WINNING Pregnancy SMS Package makes the perfect gift for all expectant mums and dads and weekly SMS can be sent to any mobile phone WORLDWIDE.

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