Expectant Dads – The modern way to follow your pregnancy

If you look, you will find heaps of research backing up statistics that say that expectant dads feel left out during their pregnancy. If you speak to plenty of men they will also say they lack knowledge on the subject of pregnancy. However, there is a huge array of educational books and DVD’s aimed at expectant dads to help them learn about their pregnancy. But what is there to help the modern, expectant dad who is time poor and spends most of his time either at work or commuting to and from work?

Well, the Pregnancy SMS Package may be the answer, thanks to an innovative website called http://www.beepbeepbaby.com. BeepBeepBaby.com encourages expectant dads to sign up to the Pregnancy SMS Package, then each week from week 1 right through to week 40 of the pregnancy they receive an informative SMS that explains how their baby is growing and developing in the womb. It’s the perfect way for expectant dads to follow their pregnancy and then show off their knowledge to their partners and friends. It also makes a fantastic gift for the busy father-to-be.

Each weekly SMS is designed to help expectant dads bond and feel closer to their unborn baby, and because they are better informed through this, they in turn are better prepared for the new life they will be bringing into the world.

BeepBeepBaby member, Paul, explains. “When my wife suggested that I sign up for the Pregnancy SMS Package, I thought what a fabulous idea. I wasn’t able to find the time to read all the pregnancy books we had been given. I spend most of my time at work, so this was perfect for me. It was really easy to sign up to and I received my first SMS within hours,” says Paul. “I have already recommended the service to other dads to be in my antenatal class. ”

So while there may be books and DVD’s out there on the subject of pregnancy and how a baby grows and develops in the womb, it seems that all we need now is a mobile phone and we can receive the information we require this way. It’s the perfect solution to help busy, modern due dads.