A handy collection of handpicked reference and resource links with a unique presentation by FirstPort.com

FirstPort provides a handy collection of reference links to help people easily find the information that they need on the web.

First Port provides links to a wide range of references and resources on the Web. Everything is presented in an indexed format. There is a tremendous amount of information presented on the site, yet it is all well organized visually and contained on one page (without page scrolling). This is achieved by the unique presentation.

FirstPort is highly systematic in its use. A sense of what’s on the page can be appreciated at a quick glance. The page holds a tremendous amount of information and yet there is no need to jump around from one page to another and back again in order to view information of interest. It’s all because of the unique presentation.

To gain a quick sense of what FirstPort is all about, try the “News- Newspaper and TV” section. You will see that there is pretty much a comprehensive collection of newspapers from the major cities all around the world and that there is easy access to them through the system of sub-classification (continent, country, city).

Another good one to take a look at as an example is “Publications Online/Magazines”.

The publishers of FirstPort are proud of the section “Planet Earth” Within this, the sub-sections are: “Our Planetary System”, “Environmental News”, and “World Conflicts”. Each one of these holds extremely useful information.

The publishers of the website are eager to receive suggestions for links to useful material of a non-commercial nature.

For more information, please visit FirstPort at http://firstport.com/