Visitoons announces launch of virtual world platform and consumer virtual chat, a virtual chat portal and hosted chat system solution for webmasters and businesses hosting chat communities is launching on October 15th.

Visitoons, S.A., an Argentine startup developing a 2.5D Virtual Worlds platform announced the launch of, a virtual chat portal, scheduled for October 15th. Visitoons is also opening up its Virtual Worlds platform to third-party developers and Virtual Worlds content creation and branding agencies.

Visitoons Chat is an animated chat portal that has been open to the Spanish-speaking market since July 2008 and is now opening its service to the world wide community. Visitoons Chat users can meet people in virtual chat environments, using their on-screen animated avatars to interact with the rest. They can also use a wide set of social features like maintaining a personal profile, contacts lists, photo albums and more.

Websites and businesses hosting chat communities can opt to bring their users a unique animated chat experience creating their own virtual chat rooms using Visitoons Chat as an affordable hosted chat solution. Visitoons Chat provides webmasters and businesses in the chat industry with a compelling solution for bringing virtual chat to their users, in a browser-based application that requires no downloads. The existing rooms can be highly customized or even be created from scratch. The service can be up and running in minutes, and webmasters have full control over the implementation via a web administration interface.

The company also announced that the Visitoons Platform will soon be open to third-party developers and to agencies specializing in creating Virtual Worlds presence for brands. The Visitoons Platform has been specially developed to allow the creation of highly customized virtual environments using a variety of forms of art, including illustrations, photography and 3D renders, and not just only 3D models resembling online games. This will enable businesses to present their brands in the most appropriate ways, allowing for traditional creative professionals and existing marketing teams to tackle the quest for developing branded Virtual Worlds, as no special 3D design or programming skill is required.

Visitoons founders Luis Molina, Julian Molina and Marcelo Blanco will attend the Virtual Worlds London conference in October 20th – 21st to start conversations with third-party developers and branding agencies interested in doing business using the Visitoons Virtual Worlds platform.

About the company

The founders of Visitoons are a group of young Argentine entrepreneurs with a high technical profile and track record in IT development for the financial industry, in particular mission-critical systems for private banks.

Luis Molina, programming, software architecture and security systems expert, is the developer of the communication system of Visitoons. Marcelo Blanco, from a similar technical profile, authored the platform’s Flash Client. Julián Molina, with a background in Web development, 3D modeling and design, has managed the contents creation and the artistic aspect of the project. Together, they have led the company from the beginning in July 2007, taking on the responsibility of planning and managing of all the work done so far.

Visitoons is now seeking strategic partners and investors that will help accelerate the company’s growth and will take part in accomplishing 2009 goals.

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