An organization launched with the goal of serving the cancer community at its best. is here to help those in the cancer community that want a voice and an opportunity to share what they’re feeling, experiencing, and thinking.

The Dear Cancer organization is a cancer community which is affiliated to First Mile Foundation, a non-profit 501c(3) organization that has been working with the cancer community for a number of years. DearCancer is committed to reaching and connecting more people than ever, as its first global project.

The organization gives a platform to cancer patients to share there experiences on how and what they have suffered being a cancer patient. The community provides its full support to the cancer patients in spiritual and emotional ways and has space for survivors to narrate their experiences and thoughts. It is a place to get to know cancer in a real sense, the effects that it has from the patients itself, the diagnosis that may be helpful and gives hope to fight the dreaded disease. It has a help feature and a space for donors and volunteers to contribute in the way they prefer, while helping to make the living better for the cancer suffering.

A number of experimental cancer treatments are under development to fight against cancer and the organization helps more people and more people to become aware of it and help people share their thoughts so that the others can learn about cancer. Support can take the form of support groups, counseling, advice and counseling can provide emotional support to cancer patients and help them better understand their illness. It encourages people to write a letter about cancer and make it known to everyone so that they come to know the reality of being through the difficult phase and enlighten important values in the life of a person.

The main goal of the organization is to introduce a common ground for the human race to hold up their thoughts, views and feelings about cancer and provide the needed support that may be in different forms. It is an organization for the people and of the people associated with cancer.

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