Reno hosts Geothermal Energy Conference & Expo

The biggest and most important geothermal energy event in the US will take place in Nevada between October 5th and 8th.

The 2008 Geothermal Energy Conference & Expo will be held in Reno, Nevada – with hundreds of geothermal experts and businesses expected to attend from all around the world.

The annual event, which was formerly called the GEA Trade Show and GRC Annual Meeting, will play host to a wide range of companies from the US and abroad within the geothermal power industry.

The conference is expected to draw over 1,000 participants, with more than 70 companies represented in the accompanying trade show. Geothermal Energy 2008 will be held at the Peppermill, Reno’s premiere hotel and casino in Reno.

The geothermal energy industry in the US and elsewhere is currently seeing a surge in public and government interest with senators John McCain and Barack Obama both having expressed their support for geothermal power, which is both a clean and renewable source of energy.

Glitnir Bank, which has predicted dramatic growth in geothermal projects in the US and internationally, will be one of the main sponsors of the event. The bank is a global niche player in two specialised industry sectors; sustainable development of the seafood industry and growth in the geothermal energy industry, with 13 percent of the bank’s loan book and 43 percent of its corporate advisory services derived from these sectors in 2007.

Glitnir’s Global Geothermal Energy Team and US Team will both be present. Glitnir will have a booth in the Expo Hall (Booth number 221, 320).

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