Lehman Brothers’ shares v buy-to-let investment?

With news of the demise of Lehman Brothers, the respected 158 year old investment bank, on everyone’s lips it’s an opportune time to reflect on the performance of equity investments and tangible property assets.

The Property Market:

• Property prices can fall e.g. in the early 1990s, property in England fell by 15%.
• Property prices have only fallen 5 out of the last 55 years. House prices are currently more than three times the level of the early 1990s. (Source: DCLG)
• Property has a 100% record of price recovery.

• Despite current headlines, UK property prices have fallen by an average of just 1.2% year on year 2007-2008. (Source: Chesterton Poll of Polls)

• Historically property doubles in value every 7-10 years.

The Financial Market:

• Stocks also fall e.g. in the 3 months post ‘Black Monday’ in 1987 the FTSE 100 fell by 33%.
• Since the FTSE 100’s last high of 6,939 in Dec 1999, it has still not recovered (reaching a high in September 2007 of 6,752) and now stands at 5117 (down 24% from September 2007).

• Companies cease trading: Lehman Brothers, Northern Rock, Railtrack, Rover, etc – where 100% of the investment can be lost overnight.

Don’t invest if you don’t understand: the ‘Dragons’ don’t…

Neil Young, CEO Young Group, comments; “One clear difference between property and paper investments is that property has a tangible value. Much of the current pressure in the financial markets comes from the repackaging and reselling of debt, as investment companies and banks have taken ‘educated bets’ on the performance of assets in relation to the cost of their finance.

The attraction of property investment is not only that it is a tangible asset, appreciating over the long term, but it is also easy to comprehend. Financial institutions have created instruments that many don’t fully understand; you try getting money from the Dragons Den panel for an investment they don’t fully grasp!


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