Hong Lagoon offers active relaxation in south Thailand

Andaman Camp and Cruise, a family-run travel agency which has been organizing tours in south Thailand for over five years, is now offering tours to the emerald green Hong Lagoon.

One of the many highlights of the Krabi area in south Thailand is the Hong Lagoon. The lagoon is located between tall cliffs on Hong Island and can be reached only through a narrow gap. The region is also host to a number of beautiful sandy beaches and some of the most memorable seascapes in the world.

Active travellers can enjoy swimming, kayaking, snorkelling and diving in the cascading fresh water pools of the Hong Lagoon, which is in the Than Bokoranee National Park. The beaches are ideal for relaxing, picnic lunches, nature walks or just for soaking up the atmosphere. There’s also the chance to meet Peter, a giant monitor lizard who is king of the island.

The Hong Lagoon, densely inhabited by various crab, starfish and shellfish species, echoes with the sounds of swifts and water birds. Being a tidal lagoon, it fills up at high tide and almost empties during the low tide cycle. It is also a safe port for local fishermen who often go there to relax in the heat of the day whilst they wait for their traps to fill.

The huge cliffs, which enclose the lagoon into a cathedral-like space, are almost impossibly covered with plants that cling to the narrowest of ledges high in the salty air. The nearby mangrove area is ecologically very important as it provides a safe haven for fish to breed.

Andaman Camp & Cruise is a Krabi based travel agency that offers custom-made holidays for both individuals and groups. It offers a full range of daytrips and longer tours of Krabi and the Andaman sea region of southern Thailand.

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