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Group travel to IcelandPractical is a major group travel, corporate training and event management business based in Iceland.

Practical is a group travel company specialising in making Iceland accessible for companies, organisations and groups. As a fully licensed travel agency, Practical is able to provide travel services for almost anyone, almost anywhere.

Many of Iceland’s biggest companies (and international ones too) regularly trust Practical to take the stress out of unique group travel options. Whether it’s taking the whole office on a weeklong adventure tour, making the Board of Directors snowmobile over a glacier, or sending potential clients screaming down a raging river, Practical will find a way to do it.

Practical can undertake work anywhere, but the company’s highly trained and motivated staff members know Iceland like a chef knows a soufflé. Iceland is a land of contrasts, where the sun glints off glaciers, warms black sand beaches and creates rainbows of spray over immense waterfalls.

Savvy businesspeople have become increasingly interested in Iceland over recent years, as the country’s unspoilt, pure nature repeatedly proves an invaluable asset for those aiming to train and motivate staff in an unforgettable environment. Similarly, product launches and conferences are increasingly popular for businesses who understand the power of association.

Practical’s group travel in Iceland is described as “untraditional and custom made” by staff members. This means they organise every element of the trip – but always in close consultation with clients. Every trip is therefore created to run without a hitch and be as stimulating as possible.

Group travel in Iceland provided by Practical includes everything from accommodation, buses and food, to events, activities and experienced guides. Customers use Practical’s services for any number of reasons; but corporate clients most frequently require group travel options for annual celebrations, incentive trips and team building events.

As part of its group travel services, Practical is also one of Iceland’s best-known providers of team building events, incentive travel and event management. As the staff at Practical say: they can do almost anything for any group or organisation, anywhere!

Visit the Practical website for more information on group travel in Iceland.


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