New website uses personality test to identify ‘personality twins’

tellmetwin.JPGTellMeTwin, is a new online resource using personality tests to link users with people who share interests, personality types and outlooks on life.

Fun but useful, TellMeTwin helps ‘twins’ to influence each others’ choices with recommendations ranging from films and books, to art and collectibles. Website members will be able to make real-life friends and useful like-minded contacts when the website opens this summer.

Currently in its Beta testing stage, TellMeTwin is inviting interested people to register now to be considered for participation and take the Tell Me Twin personality tests.

As well as the best-matched users, twins will also be able to get in touch with their most romantically compatible links and even their ‘evil twins’ – members who differ most from themselves. Trying to make friends with someone you know is your polar opposite from the very beginning could prove an interesting and fun personal experiment.

TellMeTwin uses its clever new software to gather and organise huge amounts of material generated by users, and then employs sophisticated mathematical systems to match the data to other users.

The website’s slogan “Digging deeper” is based on its deft at identifying members’ closest twins from an eventual pool of millions through intelligent character mapping and mathematical calculations, with previously unknown depth.

The website was dreamt up by Icelandic entrepreneur Einar Sigvaldason whilst at Berkeley University in 2001. “I founded TellMeTwin because I wanted movie and song recommendations from someone who I can trust to think like me”, said Sigvaldason. “I’ve also always loved self-psychoanalysis. I felt there was a need for an online application; not just personality tests but also a way to rate my likes, dislikes and life experience in order to map myself more deeply than before.”

Comprising self psychoanalysis, comparisons of personal likes and dislikes and the personality test, Tell Me Twin is a comprehensive way of getting in touch with useful new contacts, or simply making new friends through more detailed filtering than seen on the web before..

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