BizzEnergy one step closer to realising e-commerce plan

BizzEnergyBizzEnergy, the UK’s leading independent energy provider, last month announced that it would provide its customers with full online control over their electricity bills.

The new online accounting system from BizzEnergy will give users greater visibility and control of their bills and energy usage. Customers can now submit meter readings online, and the information is then immediately updated onto their account, making estimated bills a thing of the past. Secondly, businesses who receive half-hourly meter readings can analyse this data online and download it onto their own systems. This development means that customers will be able to identify high usage periods where they can look to make reductions, and potentially save them money and improve their carbon footprint.

The announcement means that BizzEnergy has completed the penultimate stage of its ambitious four stage e-commerce programme enabling the energy company to be the first to allow businesses to fully manage their accounts online. With the latest work complete, customers no longer have to sit on hold in a phone queue to get an answer to an account query. Instead BizzEnergy’s customer support team can view the online account with the customer and solve the problem there and then. Businesses can also set up and edit their direct debit details on the site, saving yet more phone calls.

BizzEnergy’s e-commerce programme started in October 2007. This latest stage adds to online facilities set up in the first two stages which enabled businesses to get a quote and account summary via the website as well as sign up to BizzEnergy and pay their bills online. All three phases have been rolled out within a short time frame and work on delivering the final stage is already underway.

“Rising prices mean businesses are demanding and valuing greater transparency and control over their energy bills as they look for ways to reduce consumption. We have recognised this and rolled out our e-commerce programme within a few months to ensure businesses benefit sooner rather than later. Thousands of our customers have already chosen this option and the latest phase will give them even more benefit and flexibility,” said James Constant, COO at BizzEnergy. “These applications are all intuitive and easy to use and mean small businesses can access information in seconds and at a time that suits them. With three phases now complete customers can undertake the bulk of their regular transactions online and we are already well on the way to completing the final stages of this ambitious plan.”

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