DMC Software Solutions urges companies to use E-Marketing despite doubts

Despite doubts over the effectiveness of email-marketing, industry experts DMC Software Solutions are urging companies to invest in E-Marketing. If email campaigns are targeted correctly with good content it is still a worthy investment.

Email marketing is worth investing inAs the number of companies using email marketing has increased its effectiveness has declined. Swamped by unsolicited messages, irritated by irrelevant content and wary of emails containing viruses the percentage of emails being opened has reduced to an all time low.

Furthermore spam filters and fire walls are becoming ever stricter, letting fewer and fewer emails through. In percentage terms email marketing offers only minimal increases over paper based campaigns and with this figure getting ever smaller it is easy to question whether email marketing is worth investing in.

“The simple answer is yes. Despite falling readership it is still possible to increase sales and awareness using Email Marketing,” says Lawrence Ramsay from Sage CRM system specialist DMC Software Solutions.

DMC Software Solutions provides CRM systems and training, as well Sage E-Marketing which can be fully integrated with CRM systems. The combination allows companies to create email campaign directed at an interested audience.

In recent years many doubts have been raised over the effectiveness of E-Marketing. There were high expectations when E-Marketing first came about, it was thought be the revolutionary future of marketing.

“Providing that you make every effort to avoid spam filters, tailor your emails to exactly meet your audience’s specification and provide relevant content then your email will be read.

“Furthermore email marketing is still less expensive then mail based campaigns and can be produced at a quicker rate. The main advantage of email marketing is its ability to send bespoke, real time and customisable information to audience that is genuinely interested,” Lawrence Ramsay says. DMC Software Solutions

The very nature of E-Marketing is the key to success. As email campaigns can be directed at a specific audience – they are only received by those truly interested. As long as the content included in email marketing is relevant and interesting to target audience, E-Marketing works.

But experts at DMC Software Solutions remind companies to be realistic in their expectations.

“There can be little doubt that Email Marketing has not lived up to its expected potential, however it can still be hugely powerful. Email Marketing is something that can be hugely beneficial to businesses of all sizes,” Lawrence Ramsay explains.

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