Search Engine Optimisation comes to Seattle

nem-logo.gifThe first Search Marketing Expo – SMX Advanced – was a total sell out last year and organisers hope this year’s event will make an even bigger splash when it takes on Seattle on 3rd and 4th June.

SMX Advanced will present a large selection of lectures, seminars and networking events for web marketing professionals who want to keep ahead in the rapidly changing world of search marketing.

Keynote speeches this year come from Microsoft’s Kevin Johnson and Google’s Matt Cutts. Conference speakers are carefully selected based on proven knowledge and experience that they can share with others. There is also a commitment not to include commercial pitches in presentations – a fact that keeps proceedings fresh and fast.

Director of Nordic eMarketing, Kristjan Mar Hauksson, will be speaking at the International Search Engine Optimisation seminar. Nordic eMarketing is a leading internet marketing company in Scandinavia, specialising in SEO.

The International Search Engine Optimisation seminar aims to look into ways for North American businesses to maximise their international sales by encouraging better search results from non-US search engines.

The one hour and fifteen minute gathering will outline some simple and attainable measures to help companies cater to international users. Using the right language and dialect for each location is one area Kristjan will touch on – being sure to use Brazilian Portuguese in Brazil for example. Another topic of discussion will be accurate geographical profiling, such as putting as much emphasis on the differences between Sweden and Norway as Swedes and Norwegians do.

Kristjan founded the Iceland SEO/SEM forum and is a well-respected conference chair and global lecturer at events such as RIMC, Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, AdTech and DNA.

Kristjan has rapidly become a highly regarded speaker at international conferences, helping optimise the internet for companies within the travel industry and the fishing and export sectors, among others. International Search Engine Optimisation is Kristjan’s primary area of expertise, and Nordic eMarketing is one of Northern Europe’s top SEO providers.

For further information on international search engine optimisation, visit the Nordic eMarketing website.