New site uses Wikipedia philosophy to ‘dig deeper’

logo_dark_inclslogan.jpgA landmark new website combining psychoanalysis and personalised data filtering is to launch in the summer.

TellMeTwin is a new website made for revealing helpful and personalised information out of vast, disparate pools of Internet data.

Built on user-generated content (much like Wikipedia), TellMeTwin systematically pairs users to ‘twins’ who have similar interests.

‘Twins’ can offer interesting recommendations on everything from entertainment options – movies, music, vacation destinations – to product, health and lifestyle suggestions. ‘Twins’ can connect, for friendship or more, two people with mutual interests. On the other end of the spectrum, people can find their ‘evil twins’ – people with polar opposite characteristics and preferences.

The website is the darling of Icelandic entrepreneur, Einar Sigvaldason, who dreamt up the concept whilst getting his MBA at Berkeley in 2001. “I founded TellMeTwin because I wanted movie and song recommendations from someone who I can trust to think like me”, said Sigvaldason. “I’ve also always loved self psychoanalysis. I felt there was a need for an online application; not just personality tests but also a way to rate my likes, dislikes and life experience in order to map myself more deeply than before.”

Sigvaldason describes how the website’s catchphrase “Digging deeper” is sourced from the site’s capability to find users’ exact twins out of a pool of millions through intelligent character mapping and mathematical calculations, with previously unknown depth.

Compatibility matching is attained by means of personality testing and by ranking various likes, dislikes, interests and experiences. Most rating and recommendation sites focus on one or a few categories (such as music or movies). TellMeTwin however offers users to rate and get recommendation on items from an infinite number of different domains, with the additional option to add items to the site’s database.

Sigvaldason is rightly enthusiastic to point out the site’s dedication to privacy and its promise not to reveal subscriber’s personal information unless he or she wishes it. “On TellMeTwin there is actually a delete button, unlike many other sites who own your data. Your data on TellMeTwin is and always will be your asset“, he explains.

TellMeTwin is scheduled for global launch this summer but is currently offering potential users the chance to take part in its beta testing phase.

Visit for more information on self psychoanalysis and personalised data filtering.