Testers accepted for new Wikipedia style ‘twinning’ site

logo_dark_inclslogan.jpgA groundbreaking new website that uses psychoanalysis to find people’s ‘twins’ will be launched this summer.

TellMeTwin.com is a new site which uses personality tests and comparisons of personal likes and dislikes to narrow down and match personal content with that of ‘twins’.

Already online, TellMeTwin is developing and testing its twinning tools, its personality tests and its psychoanalysis techniques. As part of the website’s beta testing, potential members are invited to sign up now and help fine tune the site to their personal taste.

Tell MeTwin aims to be among the Internet’s most dynamic tools for collecting and analysing vast amounts of user generated information – and then employing sophisticated analysis to match like-minded individuals.

TellMeTwin users will quickly build up a bank of twins with whom to share stories, interests and recommendations in complete safety. TellMeTwin will not distribute users’ private data to anyone, and the user will remain firmly in charge of their own identity, with the ability to delete whatever they want, whenever they want.

The website is the brainchild of Icelandic entrepreneur, Einar Sigvaldason, who thought up the concept while studying for his MBA at Berkeley in 2001. “I founded TellMeTwin because I wanted movie and song recommendations from someone who I can trust to think like me,” said Sigvaldason. “I’ve also always loved self psychoanalysis. I felt there was a need for an online application; not just personality tests but also a way to rate my likes, dislikes and life experience in order to map myself more deeply than before.”

The website’s slogan is “Digging Deeper”, a reference to its unrivalled ability to compare and match people’s tastes and personalities, ultimately leading to whole new worlds of film, art, books and collectibles that the user loves, but may never have heard about without TellMeTwin.

For a chance to take part in TellMeTwin‘s beta testing phase, visit www.TellMeTwin.com