Seafood newspaper declares Glitnir CEO ‘Person of the Year’

glitnir-banner.jpgCEO of Nordic bank Glitnir, Larus Welding has been voted ‘Person of the Year 2008’ by the readers of Intrafish, the world’s biggest seafood publication.

Nordic bank Glitnir has announced that its CEO Larus Welding has received the Intrafish award for ‘Person of the Year’.

Giving reasons for the nomination, Intrafish pointed to the fact that Glitnir has a leading team of investment bankers who are committed to funding the consolidation of the seafood industry as well as the growth and development of individual seafood companies. It said that the corporate and investment bank was also fast earning a reputation for being “the seafood industry’s bank.”

The editors at IntraFish narrowed down the Person of the Year nominees to eight before opening up the vote to readers to make the final decision.

Three of the other nominees were clients of Glitnir Bank: Samuel Dyer of Copeinca, Don Giles of Icicle and Gunnar Domstein of Norway Pelagic. All three companies transformed their business last year with Glitnir providing financial solutions and advisory.

Glitnir Bank has lent more than USD 3 billion (EUR 1.9 billion) to the seafood industry in recent years, and expectations are that this lending will continue to increase in accordance with the pace of consolidation throughout the seafood sector.

Intrafish also said that even though there are plenty of other lending institutions and private-equity firms playing a role in the financing of the global seafood sector, few are as ambitious as Glitnir.
The bank continues to expand internationally, opening offices in China, Canada, the United States and elsewhere. Its Ocean of Opportunity conferences have become must-attend events for seafood executives from all around the world.

Intrafish formally announced the results at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels at the end of April.

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