InterCasino Raises Stakes Against ASA

InterCasino is aware of the comments made in the Gambling Compliance Survey 2007 in relation to its recent advertising campaign. Contrary to what has been widely reported in the press, concerns have been raised in relation to the campaign but no formal adjudication has yet been made by the ASA.

InterCasino does not agree with the concerns raised by CAP and the ASA in relation to its ads and will be defending its campaign as part of the formal adjudication process. In doing so it has the full support of Clearcast who cleared the ads before transmission. (Clearcast has taken over responsibility from the BACC for the pre transmission examination of television advertisements.)

There have been no complaints from the public in relation to the advertisements. Again, contrary to reporting, InterCasino continues to broadcast the adverts and has not been asked to formally withdraw them pending the conclusion of the formal adjudication process. The advertisements have proved successful in appealing to customers in the 25 to 40 year old target audience.

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