– Events Promotion and Distribution Service

London, UK, 8 Feb 2008 – announces the beta launch of their Events Promotion and Distribution service. The service is available via the site –

Our events promotion service enables subscribers to find out about upcoming events in their region or location of interest. Subscribers can also specify types of events they are interested in, and receive a weekly email containing their list of events. Other criteria may include Event Language, Age Group, Budget, etc. Subscribers need not search through several sources to locate events. Once they have created their profile, they need not even visit our site as they are informed automatically when matching events are posted on our site.

Now-a-days we spend much of our time working, and do little else. We are just too busy. It takes substantial amount of time to search for events, and to gather the information. Additional time is required to enter relevant information in our calendars. Our events distribution service minimizes some of these constraints.

Organizers and Event Planners can use our event promotion service to advertise their events to a large audience. When posting events, organizers can precisely target the subscribers who will receive information about their events. Event Planners can track the performance of their event promotions, and based on the results further improve their future event listings. is a repository of all sorts of events – Business Events, Networking Events, Educational Events, Social Events, Travel Events, Fine Arts, Exhibitions, Spiritual Events, and many others.

To view a sampling of events click on the links below –

Feature Summary:
1) Event Planners / Organizers can target their audience based on event type, location, etc.
2) Event Subscribers can receive customized event listings via email, based on their preferences. No need to search for events.
3) reduces the time it takes to promote an event, by using highly-optimized and simple navigation. The website is simple and uncluttered.
4) Information is presented in a summarized manner, but without skipping the details; with emphasis on improving readability and saving time.
4) Event Subscribers may choose to receive alerts and reminders for their events, so that they do not miss their events.
5) Currently, all services are free, there are no commitments and no payment information is collected.

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