Experience Iceland's Natural Wonders at the Unique Buubble Hotel

Sleep Under the Stars: The Ultimate Glamping Experience at Buubble Hotel Iceland

Reykholt, Iceland, 29.05.2024 – Just an hour outside Reykjavik, you will find a unique glamping destination where you can sleep under a canopy of stars and dancing auroras. The place is known as “the Five Million Star Hotel,” and it’s a one-of-a-kind accommodation.

‘The Buubble Hotel is not a normal hotel, Robert Robertsson, Owner and CEO of the Buubble Hotel, explains. ‘There is no formal reception, and the room is transparent.’ Each bubble is designed for two adults in a 180-cm bed, but children under six can sleep in their parents’ bed. It’s a unique experience to sleep under the stars in a room that is as transparent as your dreams.’

Nestled about ten minutes outside Selfoss, the Buubble Hotel presents a perfect blend of adventure and luxury. Visitors can embark on scheduled or private tours designed to cater to various traveler needs. The planned tours offer a budget-friendly option, while the private tours provide flexibility for those seeking a more personalized experience. 

‘The Buubble Hotel is more than just accommodation,’ Robert explains. ‘It’s an invitation to connect deeply with Iceland’s stunning landscape. Watching the northern lights from the comfort of your bubble is a life-changing experience. We are thrilled to provide our guests  an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in nature.’

Visitors can also enjoy various local activities, including exploring nearby attractions like the Greenhouse Hotel. 

Whether you’re exploring the Golden Circle or venturing along the South Coast, this is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Ready to experience the unique glamping adventure at Buubble Hotel? Visit our website at Buubble Hotel Website or contact our office at +354-773-4444 to book your stay now.

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Buubble Hotel

Southern Region, Reykholt, Iceland

Office Tel: +354-773-4444
Website: https://www.buubble.com/

About Buubble Hotel:
The Buubble Hotel offers a unique glamping experience in Iceland, allowing guests to sleep under the northern lights in transparent bubbles. The hotel provides both scheduled and private tours, ensuring a memorable adventure for all travelers.

Experience Iceland's Natural Wonders at the Unique Buubble Hotel