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Volcano Trails: Adventure and Discovery in Iceland’s Highlands

Iceland offers a wide range of natural wonders, from the quiet majesty of the vast highlands to the dramatic spectacle of active volcanoes. Recent years have been very volcanically active, with four eruptions in six months, painting the highlands with a breathtaking palette of colors and textures that are sure to captivate any adventurer. 

“This year has been an extraordinary journey of exploration and discovery,” says Bjarni Freyr, CEO and founder of Volcano Trails in Iceland. Volcano Trails is a premier licensed tour operator specializing in highland tours in Iceland. This year marks a significant milestone for the company. “We are celebrating 25 years of adventure,” Bjarni Freyr explains with trips that open the rugged, breathtaking landscapes of Iceland’s highlands to explorers from around the globe.

“Every path and trail invites you into a world of awe and adventure, and we at Volcani Trails pride ourselves on facilitating access to Iceland’s most secluded and pristine environments.”

With a fleet of Land Rover Defenders and expertly trained guides, the company ensures a journey to the heart of Iceland’s natural beauty and into the spirit of adventure that defines every traveler.

“Our mission goes beyond guiding tourists; it’s about making the profound beauty of Iceland accessible to all,” Freyr continues. “Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a family looking for an unforgettable adventure, our tours are tailored to immerse you in the wonders of Iceland, ensuring safety and sustainability every step of the way.”

As a steward of Icelandic nature and culture, Volcano Trails is deeply committed to sustainable tourism practices, supporting local conservation efforts, and enhancing the safety of all who tread its trails. This unwavering commitment to responsible travel is woven into every aspect of its operations, from maintaining trails to educating visitors on Iceland’s delicate ecosystems, ensuring that every adventure is responsible.

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About Volcano Trails

Founded in 1997, Volcano Trails has led Icelandic highland tours. It offers unique, safe, and environmentally respectful experiences catering to group and individual travelers. With extensive local knowledge and a deep commitment to the community and the environment, Volcano Trails provides more than just tours—it offers gateways to Iceland’s most extraordinary highland adventures.

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Name: Bjarni Freyr
Title: CEO & Founder
Company: Volcano Trails
Desjamýri 8
IS-270 Mosfellsbær
Phone: +354 419 4000
Email: Email: info@volcanotrails.is
Website: www.volcanotrails.is