At the end of the world: Exploring Iceland’s Natural Wonders with a Maverick Guide

Reykjavik, Iceland, 22.05.2024 – In the remote village of Skagaströnd, nestled in the northwestern region of Iceland, a world away from the ordinary, resides Einar Þorleifsson. Einar, a revered guide in the area, is a true maverick of nature. His intimate knowledge of every bird, fauna, flora, volcano, river, and spring in Iceland sets him apart. He’s not one to follow a tour description, preferring to chart his own course, which often leads to unexpected adventures and thrilling discoveries. 

“When we as a travel agency put Reykjavík City walk in the program, we can be sure Einar ditches it and goes to the valley at the edge of the city instead, avoiding the traffic and the crowds,” says Hörður Erlingsson, the founder of Nature Travel. “He will always be the latest one to arrive at the bus in the mornings, just in time, though, having skipped breakfast and with his hair out in the air.” 

When the guest watches him shortly after becoming one with nature, all is forgiven since Einar’s passion for his country’s natural wonders is genuinely infectious. 

The village Skagaströnd is an excellent fit for Einar with the Internationally acclaimed Nes Artist Residency, where Einar recently joined a workshop in printing technique. “Not to our surprise,” says Erlingsson,  “birds were his choice of topic to draw.”

The village rests on the edge of the Skagi Peninsula, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes characterized by rugged cliffs, rolling hills, and expansive views of the North Atlantic Ocean. The town is quaint, with colorful houses dotting the shoreline and a peaceful atmosphere reflecting its remote location.

Erlingsson Nature Travel is renowned for its commitment to small-group tours, a testament to our belief that the best experiences are shared. Unlike mass tourism’s impersonal, one-size-fits-all approach, our tours are designed to make each guest feel valued and special. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast, a geology buff, a culture lover, or simply someone seeking a unique adventure, our highly customizable tours cater to your individual tastes and preferences, ensuring a travel experience that is truly yours.

“Reflecting on the past three decades, our guests’ personal stories resonate the most,” Erlingsson continued. “There’s a profound joy in witnessing individuals and families connect with Iceland’s natural wonders on a deeper level, and guides like Einar make that happen.” 

From celebrating milestones to fulfilling lifelong dreams, Erlingsson’s bespoke tours are designed to create not just holidays but life-affirming experiences that linger in the memory long after the return flight home.

This story is a part of the 100 Stories from Iceland.

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