Snitcher Unveils the B2B Marketing Blueprint

Hilversum, Netherlands, 11.12.2023 – Snitcher, a cutting-edge technology company, introduces a groundbreaking resource called the B2B Marketing Blueprint. This carefully crafted tool is designed to drive business growth seamlessly alongside visitor identification.

The comprehensive collection comprises essential elements such as the Buyer Persona Model, Content Strategy, and Social Media, each encapsulating vital marketing strategies and best practices distilled from top-tier industry literature, transformed into actionable steps.

“At Snitcher, we understand that the heart of effective B2B marketing lies in truly knowing your audience. With our B2B Marketing Blueprint, we’re not just offering tools; we’re providing a roadmap to understand and engage with your customers deeply. It’s about going beyond the surface and tapping into what drives your buyers.”
–Rohan Hayes, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder at Snitcher

Buyer Persona Module Makes Use of Deep Understanding
This module is dedicated to aligning marketing messages with the most critical aspects of buyer concerns, including their goals, motivations, and pain points. Such profound comprehension is indispensable for positioning products or services as optimal solutions.

Content Strategy Modules: Elevating Your Content Marketing Game
In the forthcoming modules, we delve into essential aspects of Content Strategy, covering SEO and Keyword Research, Content Types and Formats, and Distribution and Promotion. Each module plays a pivotal role in shaping a successful content marketing strategy.

Tailoring Your Approach in Social Media and Email Marketing
The Social Media section encompasses Platform Selection, Content Calendar, Engagement Metrics, and Campaign Strategy. Simultaneously, the Email Marketing segment will concentrate on Building and Segmenting a Quality List, Crafting Compelling Emails, and Measuring Success. These tailored approaches are designed to enhance the effectiveness of your social media and email marketing efforts. “Email marketing isn’t dead; it’s about being smarter and more targeted,” Rohan Hayes remarks.

Lead Generation, Sales Alignment, and Beyond: Unveiling the Blueprint’s Extensive Scope
In addition to exploring Lead Generation, the Blueprint will delve into topics such as Inbound vs. Outbound strategies and the nuances of Qualifying and Nurturing Leads. The focus on Sales Alignment will revolve around Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Closed-loop Reporting, and Sales Enablement.

Dedicated to customer retention, the modules will comprehensively cover Customer Success, Upselling and Cross-Selling strategies, and fostering Customer Advocacy. The Analytics section will encompass Tracking Key Metrics, Reporting and Dashboard utilisation, and making Data-Driven Decisions.

The comprehensive guide on the Sales Funnel, alongside modules on Event Marketing and Account-Based Marketing (ABM), will be prominently featured.

Closing the Loop with Conversion Rate Optimization
The Conversion Rate Optimization module seeks to transform visitors into customers, incorporating best practices for Landing Pages, A/B Testing methodologies, and enhancing User Experience and Website Navigation.

Get Empowered
The B2B Marketing Blueprint is available now, with several modules marked ‘Coming Soon’ to ensure continuous innovation and up-to-date strategies. For those eager to get ahead, we invite you to try Snitcher for free and experience the power of strategic B2B marketing.

About Snitcher
Snitcher empowers B2B teams to understand, engage, and convert anonymous website visitors into potential leads using cutting-edge identification technology, real-time visitor tracking, and data-driven audience insights.