LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 is now available with completely redesigned UI and powerful new features.

ACD Systems Launches Luxea Pro Video Editor 7: Unleash Your Creativity, Keyframe by Keyframe

VICTORIA, BC, 18.07.2023 – Today, ACD Systems International launches LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7, their latest version of video editing software bringing even more power, control, and creativity to make videos truly shine. LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 offers a comprehensive suite of tools to create, produce, and share stunning videos with ease. The real game-changer is the Properties Panel, where you can find all of your settings no matter the media type. Another notable new feature is the Customizable Workspace with Multi-monitor support, allowing you to truly customize your workspace and video editing experience.

These new features and more offer an exciting new way to enjoy the LUXEA experience.

“With this latest version, we’ve completely redesigned the interface and introduced an array of workspace customization options. When Users can define their perfect workspace and reduce clutter, they’re free to let their creativity and inspiration take the lead. We are excited to see our users’ visions come to life.” – Frank Lin, COO & CTO

Top New Features:
1. Multi-Monitor Editing: Experience a smooth workflow across multiple displays, allowing you to view your project in Fullscreen while having your tools conveniently close-by on another monitor.
2. Customizable Workspace: Rearrange, dock, and undock panels to create your perfect workspace.
3. Keyframes: Apply keyframes along the timeline to create precise adjustments and smooth transitions.
4. Masking: Apply a mask to selectively hide or show parts of a video clip.
5. Advanced Speed Controls: Speed up or slow down seamlessly with new speed ramping and ripple edit features.
6. Reverse Speed: Play media clips forwards and backwards to create surreal video sequences.
7. Audio Editing: Pan audio, adjust pitch, apply an EQ preset and control independent L/R channel volume.

LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 is available with a perpetual license for $99.99 USD, or through a subscription for $49.99 USD/year. Subscriptions provide users with regular updates and upgrades of the product. ACD Systems is one of the largest independent digital image editing and management companies in the world. Founded in 1993, ACD Systems revolutionized the relationship between analog and digital information.

The company’s products include ACDSee Ultimate, ACDSee Professional, ACDSee Home, Gemstone Photo Editor, ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac, and LUXEA Pro Video Editor. ACD Systems’ customers include General Motors, Caterpillar, Boeing, NASA, CNN, and other leading organizations.

For more information, contact:
Warren Recker
ACD Systems International Inc.