Search Sustainable Jobs follows IRENA recommendation to make more people aware of opportunities in renewable energy

London, UK, 28.06.2023 – With the rate of hires in the renewable energy field falling behind the rate of job losses in fossil fuels, according to IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), is doing its part to make more people aware of the plentiful opportunities that exist to work in the green economy. is an online jobs board and resource website for all jobs in sustainability, whether traditional green jobs like solar panel technicians or environmental scientists to employment in industries that are newer to sustainability, like fashion and manufacturing. It seeks to connect employers, hiring managers and HR personnel in the green sector with job seekers and the top talent in their respective industries. A recent IRENA report found a “mismatch” between fossil fuel job losses and green job gains. It recommended, among other steps, that more of an effort be made to make marginalized groups like women, visible minorities and youth, in particular, more aware of job opportunities in the economy to help correct this issue, which is a barrier to the global clean energy transition.

Joseph Boll, EcoCareers CEO, said: “This is exactly what we are trying to do and the reason why we launched to begin with.”

Renewable energy growth and job opportunities have ramped up dramatically over the past few years. Data from LinkedIn, for example, shows that the number of green jobs available has more than doubled between 2017 and 2023. This upward trend is expected to continue in the months ahead as nations around the world race to be leaders in the transition to clean energy.

Many countries have introduced initiatives aimed at encouraging the clean energy transition, which is expected to result in even more jobs. However, there is a troubling labour shortage despite this increase. IRENA’s own data shows that more than 12 million people worldwide have clean energy jobs as of this year, but the vast majority of those jobs are based in Asia rather than Europe or North America. “This is where we wanted to step in and try to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers,” Boll said. “Transitioning to clean energy is a huge undertaking, and addressing the labour shortage in the green economy will take more than just our website alone, but if we can help in that regard, then we would consider our mission fulfilled.”

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