Discover The Design Agent - The Number One Place to Buy Premium Designs Online

Discover The Design Agent – The Number One Place to Buy Premium Designs Online

The Design Agent is today’s leading marketplace for fashion buyers and designers to buy and sell unique, trend-setting artwork. Designs are added to the platform as they are made, giving its consumers exclusive access to the most intriguing work from studios across the globe. Buyers have access to the most recent designs at their fingertips and can shop anytime and wherever in the world they are. The Design Agent gathers together over 70 of premium design studios from around the world all in one place, eliminating the hassle of visiting each individual studio’s website. Featuring womenswear, menswear, and childrenwear, including prints, knitwear and embroidery, The Design Agent has something for every fashion buyer out there.
What else stands out is that the platform only features the latest trend-driven designs, taking them down within 90 days, assuring that the only work displayed would be sought-after. One of the most popular features on The Design Agent are their personalised pinboards, accompanied by zoom presentations to assist clients in locating the ideal designs for their upcoming collection. To reduce the stress associated with purchasing designs, The Design Agent walks their clients through the entire process, making their customer journey fully focused on finding the perfect print without worrying about any logistics. Co-founded by the CEO of Bay and Brown, Tracey Brown, and the CEOs of Gather No Moss, Tom Bambridge-Sutton and James Hartley, The Design Agent isn’t the trio’s first business venture. The Pattern Cloud, the industry-leading space for website hosting, sales, and business administration for designers, was also co-founded by Tracey, Tom, and James in 2017 when they realised they all had a similar vision and held the same belief that the future of fashion is shifting.
“We wanted to empower creatives to manage their own businesses and share their work with more people worldwide. According to co-founder Tracey Brown, selling designs online is the way to go”. We asked ourselves what we could do for all these outstanding designers so we gave studios a “business in a box” to run and grow their enterprise. We wanted to shake things up, so we put together a community of studios in one platform.” Tracey continues, “Some of these design studios didn’t even have websites before.” Sustainable development was another inspiration for the founders. Customers’ purchasing habits changed in recent years, with everyone searching for more practical and environmentally friendly ways to do their jobs. In addition, the constant travel necessary to visit showrooms and hold customer meetings throughout the globe prompted a shift. A 24/7 online service, personalised pinboards, generation of PDFs for design meetings, and a digital storage space for all purchased files are some of the features of their new sustainability strategy. The Design Agent also offers Zoom sessions to physically show their clients their digital collection, helping them source the perfect designs for each individual and cover their trend needs. Bespoke designs are also created by The Design Agent for the same price as a design from their collection.
“We are embracing this new way of working and trying to keep our business sustainable and environmentally mindful moving ahead into the future. Our team of designers work from all corners of the globe and are brought together at our Hackney / London studio hub,” added Tom and James. The Pattern Cloud has been pushing the industry as a whole to new, more inventive heights since its establishment, and it has served as a stepping stone for The Design Agent, set to continue pushing limits and advancing fashion.
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