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Compliance & Risks: New ESG SaaS Solution Helps Organizations Meet Regulatory Compliance Obligations

Cork, Ireland, 13.04.2023,  Compliance & Risks, a leading provider of regulatory intelligence and compliance solutions, has announced the launch of its new enterprise SaaS ESG solution. The solution is designed to help companies achieve ESG compliance and manage the associated risks and opportunities. 

The Compliance & Risks ESG solution provides companies with a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Ensure ‘Zero Surprises’: Stay ahead of the compliance curve by effectively monitoring regulatory changes for ESG obligations. Meet your mandatory ESG reporting obligations, and reduce Corporate Risk
  • Unify Organizational ESG Progress: Share measurable progress toward your ESG goals to create transparency, provide assurance, and drive stakeholder business value. Build long-term business resilience by contributing to long-term sustainable growth and value creation for the business, as well as society and the environment.
  • Maximize the impact of your ESG Strategy: Gain a competitive advantage with a strong ESG track record and attract environmentally and socially conscious customers, investors, and employees.
  • Achieve Audit-Grade Data for ESG Reporting: Enable progress reporting and goal tracking for better decision-making and ensure transparency and reporting accuracy.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) compliance has become increasingly important for companies in recent years, with stakeholders and investors placing a greater emphasis on sustainability and responsible business practices. Compliance and Risks’ new ESG solution provides companies with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of ESG regulations and reporting requirements.

To manage these risks strategically and make effective business decisions, firms must collect and track data on an ongoing basis. Although a recent Verdantix survey indicated that firms are still heavily reliant on spreadsheets for managing certain aspects of ESG risk, a growing number of organizations are expected to turn towards digital solutions to help them with aspects of their ESG risk programmes. Verdantix Report, “Strategic Focus: How Corporations Can Leverage Software To Manage ESG Risks”, Dec 2022.

Compliance & Risks has been providing holistic market access solutions for over 20 years to the world’s leading brands, including Miele, Bosch, Samsung and Tesla, in the area of product compliance with its enterprise platform, C2P, positioning the company perfectly to provide regulatory compliance solutions for the growing ESG market.

Compliance & Risks ESG Solution, powered by the C2P Platform, ensures customers have visibility on a range of regulations and standards on matters including ESG Reporting, Circular Economy, Water Efficiency, Carbon Footprint, Conflict Minerals, Human Trafficking and Slavery, Illegal Logging and Climate Change.

Chief Product Officer Matt Kuo commented, “Our new ESG solution is a game-changer for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve in ESG compliance. By using our solution, companies can streamline their ESG reporting processes and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, responsible business practices, and long-term value creation.

The ESG Solution is complemented by Compliance & Risks’ team of subject matter experts and a knowledge partner network spanning the globe who provide insights and commentary on regulations in 195 countries across 20+ industries. With over 27 languages spoken on the in-house team, customers can rest assured that relevant regulations, including local language versions, are summarized in the ESG Solution for their assessment.

Joe Skulski, Chief Executive Officer of Compliance & Risks said: With over 20 years in regulatory compliance, we are delighted to expand our core offerings to ensure our customers have the right tools to manage risk in this new era. Our mission is to help ensure global organizations have the information and tools to build consumers safe, sustainable, products in a world full of change. By bringing together the breadth of our technology capabilities and depth of our regulatory expertise, we can now provide our customers with a powerful ESG Solution to ensure they manage organizational risk effectively.”

For more information visit the Compliance & Risks ESG Solution Overview

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