Iceland Luxury Tours

Iceland Luxury Tours gearing up for the summer season

Reykjavik, Iceland 12.04.2023 – Iceland Luxury Tours, a leading luxury travel company in Iceland, is gearing up for the summer season and preparing to welcome its high-end clients back to the country.

Founded by Sveinn Sigurður Kjartansson, Iceland Luxury Tours offers bespoke travel experiences that showcase the best of Iceland’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. From private tours of the country’s stunning landscapes to exclusive access to its top restaurants and cultural attractions, the company has earned a reputation as one of the premier luxury travel providers in Iceland.

“As we prepare for the 2023 summer season, we are thrilled to be welcoming back our valued clients to Iceland,” said Sveinn Sigurður Kjartansson, founder and CEO of Iceland Luxury Tours. “After challenging years for the travel industry, we are excited once again to share the magic of Iceland with our discerning clients and provide them with unforgettable experiences that they will cherish for a lifetime.”

With Iceland’s vaccination program in full swing and the country welcoming travellers from around the world, Iceland Luxury Tours is ready to provide its clients with the experience of their lives. “At Iceland Luxury Tours, we focus on personalised service to meet each and every customer’s expectations to provide the best experience possible,” said Kjartansson.

In addition to its standard offerings, Iceland Luxury Tours has developed a range of new experiences for the summer season, including exclusive access to some of Iceland’s most remote and spectacular locations, as well as unique cultural and culinary experiences that showcase the country’s rich history and traditions.

“We are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide our clients with the ultimate luxury travel experience in Iceland,” said Kjartansson. “Whether they are seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, we are committed to exceeding their expectations and creating memories that will last a lifetime.”

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