Vivaldi browser takes the Window Panel to another level.

Vivaldi browser manages multiple tabs across windows taking the window panel to another level

OSLO, Norway – 16 February 2023. The first release of the year, Vivaldi 5.7 on desktop, is here. One of our unique features – the Window Panel – now has the ability to manage multiple tabs across Windows with its game-changing tab management features. Thus, they have renamed the Windows Panel.

“At Vivaldi, we always strive to provide options to fit every use case. So we have added new options to the built-in Vivaldi Mail client that would help automatically mark your emails as read.” Said a Vivaldi spokes person.

With these updates and finer improvements throughout the browser, Vivaldi 5.7 is ready for download on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The Window Panel now is Windows Panel Vivaldi’s Window Panel is just one of our desktop browser’s many unique features. While most browsers provide a basic tab bar, Vivaldi also has a built-in panel where you can access the tabs in your window. This “tree-style view of tabs” on the side of the browser window gives you another way to manage your tabs. Until now, this panel was limited to the active window.

Now, its functionality has been expanded for all your open windows, making it a Windows Panel. This makes it particularly useful for those of you who frequently work with multiple browser windows. You can now easily move tabs between the tab bars of different windows, or even between tab stacks (groups) on different windows.

Vivaldi is headquartered in Oslo, with offices in Reykjavik, Boston, and Palo Alto.

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About Vivaldi:

We are (so far) 25 nationalities working across seven countries with offices in Norway, Iceland and the USA.

Oslo, Norway
Our headquarters are in the heart of Oslo next to a beautiful waterfall. That’s right, a real waterfall, and you can even catch some Norwegian salmon in the river if that is your thing.

Reykjavík, Iceland
Our offices in Iceland are located at the Innovation House, a local startup incubator. Our Icelandic team gets breathtaking ocean views and lots of inspiration for building Vivaldi.

Magnolia, U.S.
Our home base in the U.S. is a short drive outside of Boston at the Magnolia Innovation House – a bed and breakfast turned tech hub. Every summer, the whole team gathers here for a month of crab cakes and code.

Vivaldi is owned by its employees.
And we plan to keep it that way.