Magedia released new module for creating Magento 2 auto invoices

Magedia released new module for creating Magento 2 auto invoices

Warsaw, November 28, 2022 – We are proud to release Magedia PDF Invoice — an open-source module for Magento 2 stores! With this module, you can create, manage, and distribute sales documents as PDF files with a custom design.

“Brand consistency is an important contribution to shaping customer loyalty. With this in mind, we strived to provide flexible opportunities to customize sales docs so that they could reflect each brand’s uniqueness,” adds Anatoly Likhachev, CEO at Magedia.

A quick tour of the capabilities you will have at hand.

1) What documents does the module generate?
You can generate Magento 2 PDF invoices, orders, shipments, and credit memos. Then you can attach them to email automatically.

2) Are only pre-configured templates available for use?
Though there is a range of ready-to-use templates, you can create your own unique templates, too. You can also apply different templates for different store views.

3) How deeply can I customize the templates?
You can vary: – Layout: orientation, size, margins, padding, etc – Size: A4, US Letter, etc – Visual design: colours, fonts – Additional elements: barcodes, QR codes, logos, pictures, special notes (e.g. Exchange policy or any information you need to mention). And that’s not the excessive list of properties you may alter!

4) What languages are available?
The module is in English, but if you want to translate it into another language, you can use standard Magento opportunities. The module supports right-to-left and left-to-right languages.

5) Are only tech people can use this module?
No, the module doesn’t require any special skills, so non-tech people can easily use it even without initial training.

6) How to install the module?
To do this, your store should use Magento Community Edition version 2.3.x or 2.4.x. If so, there are two installation options — unpacking the ZIP file or using the Composer tool. For more details, please see the installation guide on Magento Marketplace (you will find the link further).

7) What support does the vendor provide?
We are glad to provide you with: – Lifetime free updates – 3 months free support — answering arising questions and error fixing.
Find a full description with samples of docs and a free demo on Magento Marketplace

About Magedia.
Magedia is an eCommerce development company and Adobe Partner. We provide online stores worldwide with a full cycle of services: – Strategic consulting – Store development or extending its functionality – Storefront design – Migration to another platform – Quality assurance. Our clients are mid- and large eShops selling lingerie and clothing, medicines and supplements, food and beverages, home appliances and building materials, flowers and art pieces. What we believe to be our strengths: – Profound Magento expertise and extensive knowledge of eCommerce industry – Fast communication and addressing issues during the project – High personal involvement within the team. Let’s expand your eCommerce success!

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