Technostacks Developers Built IoT Based Smart Water Meter Solution

Technostacks Developers Built IoT Based Smart Water Meter Solution

Technostacks Infotech, a provider of modern-day software and IoT app development solutions, recently announced the completion of IoT based smart water meter sensor solution for one of its valued clients. Technostacks got the requirements of a water meter application for both iOS as well as Android platforms.  A team of developers at Technostacks, dynamically worked on the IoT smart water meter sensors and built an advanced IoT cloud-based application solution.  The client wanted features and functionalities that could back its present abilities. The client stakeholders wanted to craft a smart water meter project with IoT that could integrate and blend perfectly with their prevalent hardware infrastructure. They even required technical support and backing projected for IoT water meter management.

Transversely the entire application must be linked by the sensors of the water meters without a bug. Accompanying these water meters were to be connected to the piping systems, explicit outlets, and precise inlets.  Furthermore, the water meters must be sited around water heaters, sinks, dishwashers, refrigerators, and sump pumps. Technostacks evaluated a mix of best cloud-based services for IoT comprising IBM Watson IoT, Xively IoT, AWS IoT, Google IoT, and Microsoft Azure IoT.  After thoroughly assessing and studying the reachable services, they mutually picked IBM Watson IoT to deliver the solution.

Managing Director of Technostacks, Hansal Shah, Said, Building an application with a perfect synergy between water meter sensors and the application to offer exact water consumption information through water meters was slightly challenging. However, our technical and application analysis teams managed these challenges well. They brought in the precise integrations with essential features.

Technostacks team developed and designed a dashboard that lets customers view and tracks their consumption statistics. These details are characterized as the highest, average, and lowest consumption information. In the interim, it was even desirable to attach to the cloud server to get only the most exact calculations of the water used by the buildings or an apartment. A team of expert IoT developers, ensured that the application could monitor and track consumption information on an hourly basis.

The water consumption data wanted to be observed across sensors and the set outlets. The functionalities also allowed users to unified data monitoring through the mobile application. The wireless water meter app comprised features like map view, adding meter information, and alerts. The analytical reports allowed the user base to choose a specific meter and distinctly check each water appliance’s water consumption.  The smart wireless water meter app permits checking the usage of an apartment by the day, month, or year parameters. Even the users can see the water usage insights in the graphical representation. Above and beyond this, the users can keep track of and monitor the battery life of the water meter sensor. The automatic alerts and notifications will be sent to the user base if the sensor’s battery life is low. Technostacks developers delivered the IoT-based smart water meter solution with a wide assortment of features to the app users leveraging the company’s expertise in iOS and Android technology.

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