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Essex-based Transport Training Company adds Digital Staff Handbook Module to their Online Software for Fleet Managers

Novadata’s new Digital Staff Handbook module relieves a wealth of potential HR headaches. This easy-to-use online Digital Staff Handbook solution integrates flawlessly with Novadata’s existing modules; digital tachograph analysis; vehicle walkaround check; driving licence check; fleet maintenance management, and remote downloading & vehicle tracking.

Used as a standalone asset or in conjunction with any or all of Novadata’s other digital modules, the new Digital Staff Handbook module allows the HR manager to distribute accurate, relevant, and completely current staff handbooks to every member of staff, with the scope to communicate any updates and additions instantaneously, via electronic smart technology using unlimited push notifications.

In addition to minimising the executive time for printing, collating, distributing and radically minimising the carbon footprint of traditional print solutions for staff handbooks, Novadata’s new Convey module allows the HR manager to track who has read which sections of the handbook and when. Real-time data on how much has been read understood and agreed upon provides a robust trial of the organisation’s compliance with its responsibilities towards staff, especially those who drive professionally. Each organisation’s handbook can have multiple versions, allowing it to be tailored to fit the employee’s role best, whether driving, administrative, support or other core function.

With unlimited push notifications via smart technology, Novadata’s Digital Staff Handbook module allows you to send essential staff communications across the entire organisation and track when they are received and read. This module allows the HR team to communicate directly with every member of the team without relying on managers to cascade vital knowledge and instructions. This new module is based on an annual charge related to the number of employees.

Handbook content can also be tailored to fit each organisation’s needs. This can include company policies, toolbox talks, and other relevant information. This Digital Staff Handbook solution aligns with human resources best practices on staff handbook provision.

“Providing an instantly updated, fully Digital Staff Handbook, with the ability to monitor who has read existing or new information, their acknowledgement of new instructions, and agreement with company policies and operational instructions, is also a key tool in demonstrating compliance with the Operator Licence undertakings,” says Novadata Managing Director, Su Winch. “With six essential modules now available to integrate seamlessly, saving you time and valuable resources in running your operation, there has never been a better time to explore the benefits of going digital for much of your employee and fleet management.”

Novadata’s suite of online digital modules integrates seamlessly.