Dress Hood on line store is now launching the new collection Ghetto Unity streetwear urban clothing

Liverpool – 01. May 2022 – Dress Hood Streetwear is a hooded online store that is launching its new products Ghetto Unity collection of streetwear and urban clothing. The design Ghetto Unity gives a message about how we should unite the ghetto hoods and give value to our culture and recognize the power we have in influencing the society we live in.
We came from a place where our role models were drug dealers, prostitutes, strippers, and street hustles And we turned ourselves into public speakers, rappers, actors, models, and actresses, this is something to be proud of. Drug dealers turn themselves into music managers, strippers turn into rappers and fashion models.
We’re rising and moving towards a better version of ourselves, but how many of us look back to the place it made us who we are? Imagine if the ones who made it out of the hood unite and invest in the new stars about to come too, we are able to break free of the control of financial interests who want us to sell out giving our principles, values for a chance to win. Every time they pick us up and take us out of our environment they mould us turning us into something we do not control the ones who look up to us. Ghetto Unity is a way to break free of our house is our responsibility
Dress Hood Values include Realness, Respect, and Love.
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Company name: Dress Hood Street
Contact Person Ricardo Bruno
Website: http://dresshoodstreet.com/
Email: info@dresshoodstreet.com
Contact number/WhatsApp 00447367616011