Leading mileage tracker app launches free automatic tracking functionality for an even easier logbook

Driversnote, a digital mileage logbook app with over 900,000 users based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is releasing fully automatic mileage tracking for all users on Android and iOS. The app also comes with additional features that support automatic tracking and make it easier than ever to keep a precise and timely logbook.

Driversnote co-founder and CEO, Martin Poulsen, said,

“We have seen time and again that users forget to track trips throughout the day and end up missing on their mileage reimbursement or tax deductions. It was important for us to create a solution that makes it easy to track every mile and maximise payouts for work-related driving not just for our customers, but also for new users. Thanks to the hard work of the Driversnote team, we can now offer fully automatic tracking to everybody!”

As an alternative to the iBeacon, the newly introduced motion-based tracking will record trips as soon as users move above a certain speed – no need to open the mobile app. With this feature, the app will track driving, bus rides, bike rides and trips when the user is a passenger in another’s vehicle. Therefore, it was important that Driversnote creates a process of reviewing tracked trips for an accurate logbook.

A simple overview of newly tracked trips

After much user research to define the needs of those who use motion-based tracking, Driversnote created a simple and intuitive overview of trips to be reviewed where users have the chance to revise and approve trips and remove unnecessary logs for their reimbursement or deductions. This “To review” section is conveniently positioned next to the general Trips list and provides an easy way of keeping users’ logbook accurate and up-to-date.

A well-loved feature – improved

The Driversnote mileage tracker keeps all of its core features, including logging manual trips. Every manually entered trip now has a Plus button attached for faster creation of return trips. By tapping the newly introduced “+” button, a new trip is created, with the start point being the previous trips’ end address. Users are then able to input the end address of the return trip and all other details for a complete log that includes time, purpose and additional notes.

Easy management of old vehicles and workplaces

Throughout time, users may change jobs or get a new car. Driversnote now makes it easy to avoid tracking trips on old vehicles or workplaces by archiving them. All data remains safe and users can still create reports for old vehicles and workplaces. They can also be restored at any time, should users need to record mileage on them again. Driversnote keeps on successfully improving its top-rated mileage tracking app to make the mileage reimbursement process simpler and faster for all – saving time and money for businesses and employees alike. About Driversnote: Serving over 900,000 Android & iOS users around the world, Driversnote makes working life simpler for customers while saving them time and money with their mileage logbook app. For more, see https://www.driversnote.com or download the app on iOS and Android today.

Kristian Toft Brusvang