Vogue Scandinavia on Greta Thunberg, sustainability and their new cover

Vogue Scandinavia on Greta Thunberg, sustainability and their new cover

Stockholm – August 9, 2021 – Vogue Scandinavia aims to be the most sustainable publication in the world and has worked tirelessly to ensure they meet those goals. Some of their sustainable efforts include opting for packaging that uses no plastics and is made from sustainable wood fibres; planting two trees for everyone that is harvested in the printing of the publication, and working towards offsetting the carbon footprint that is created during their energy-efficient production. As part of these efforts, Vogue Scandinavia has been certified carbon neutral and has already offset 450 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions via the South Pole, their compensation partner.

In regards to their cover star, Greta Thunberg represents everything they stand for as a sustainable publication and they stand by the young activist is calling for more accountability from all industries – including the fashion industry. Fashion brands – like all other consumer brands – should be aware of the impact they have on the environment and should work to do all they can to minimise any negative repercussions from their actions.

While they recognise that it is very hard for any organisation to be fully sustainable, they will continue to lend their platform to activists like Greta, and share their mission with the wider world. It’s the publication’s hope that the message they share with their audiences enables the movement that Greta started to continue growing and educating people to take individual steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

“Our goal is to give back more than we consume, to become carbon negative throughout our whole value chain,” says Mariann Jacobsson, Vogue Scandinavia’s head of sustainability. “We hope to inspire our stakeholders, industry colleagues, and our loyal readers to make small changes for good. A small step made by many people creates a movement, and we are proud to be leading this movement in our industry.”

About Vogue Scandinavia 

Vogue Scandinavia is the newest edition of the globally renowned fashion magazine. It aims to be an elevated print magazine with a focus on digital innovation. Vogue Scandinavia will reflect the fashion industry’s changing climate and push the boundaries of modern media consumption. In Vogue Scandinavia, one will be able to explore the Nordic region’s unique aesthetic and learn about our love for sustainability and connection to nature.

Vogue Scandinavia will be covering Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland with headquarters in Stockholm. They launched in English on August 8th, 2021 across print, digital and social media platforms.

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